Bev Johnson


Bev Johnson, a longtime resident of the Black Forest has been a member of the Black Forest Arts & Crafts Guild (BFA&CG) for a number of years.  She currently serves on the Board and is on the set-up committee.  Her crafts include jewelry and culinary.  Bev usually works the morning shift in the jewelry area and would love to meet you, if she doesn’t already know you.



In addition to necklaces and earrings, Bev’s specialties in jewelry are “sleeve enhancers” which are both functional and decorative.  If you are not already familiar with how these are used, ask for a sleeve enhancer demo when visiting the jewelry area at the shows.  Another specialty of Bev’s found in the jewelry area is beaded Concho belts.  These are made in sizes for either ladies or young girls.  Bev also custom makes belts when desired.




Bev’s candy (chocolate caramel treats with either pecans or walnuts), and cookies (chocolate chip, with or without pecans, and specialty cookies (chocolate pecan igloos) are brought in fresh each morning.  If you are planning to visit the show late in the day or evening, you can call her at 495-3246 to put these items in the holding area with your name.

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