Brian Benham

Brian specializes in building unique pieces of custom furniture and functional art. He enjoys the process of designing apiece just as much as he does building it, and bringing something new into the world. His main skillsets are based in woodworking; however, he’s a maker at heart and is always looking to expand his skillset, to work with new materials, new ideas and come up with new designs.

He is a third generation craftsman, who grew up in a neighborhood of makers.  On the corner was Jeff a custom cabinetmaker working out of his two-car garage.  Next door was Mark, who ran two businesses out of a shop, built in his backyard.  The first was making false teeth, and gold and porcelain crowns.  The second was building clocks and all kinds of other cool things out of wood.  Then there was his father, a carpenter by trade who turned bridge builder.

He grew up working alongside these makers learning their craft and their different techniques.  His father took him on many trips to see how bridges where built and help get him a job in a welding fabrication shop, building steel earthquake restraints for bridges.

However, it was woodworking that captured his imagination, and is where he chose to hone his skill set.  He has been studying the craft as long as he can remember.  As a kid, he was more excited about the PBS woodworking TV shows, than watching Saturday morning cartoons.  Some of his best lessons were learned by watching, This Old House, The Woodrights shop with Roy Underhill, and the New Yankee Workshop with Norm Abram.  He watched and learned with passion and spent his idle hours in the garage emulating what he had seen, and honed his craft.

If you would missed Brian at out last show and would like to commission one of his pieces of art please contact him at the following info.


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