Elaine Potter

Brushstrokes and Stitches

Elaine enjoys all types of sewing.  Her love for sewing started at the age of 12, learning how to follow patterns and make her own clothes.  Her grandmother taught her the lost art of hand quilting when she was just 13.  As Elaine got older with a family of her own, she began to make baby quilts and clothes for her daughter, then later for her grandson.  One of her specialties is baby quilts and blankets, and “her baby quilts are made with love”.  Elaine also makes holders for crayons, colored pencils, and markers.  These fun and bright colored roll-ups are especially handy for travel. Her love for sewing doesn’t stop at children’s items, Elaine also makes aprons and potholders, and is always eager to take on special orders.  She enjoys making colorful silk flower arrangements as well, and has made bouquets and floral arrangements for weddings, including her daughter’s.  To contact Elaine, her email is hhrlainie@yahoo.com or 719-510-6862.


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