Gail Montgomery

Gail is a “Jill” of all trades; she loves sewing, beading, needlework, jewelry making, and photography. She likes to try new crafts and techniques and is glad the show “Crafters Coast to Coast” no longer airs as she doesn’t have room in her studio for a pottery wheel, kiln, lathe or band saw.
Gail learned to sew over 45 years ago, on a toy machine. Since then, she’s sewn clothing, home décor, costumes for church productions, dog toys and bandannas and stuffed toys. All the stuffies are one of a kind keepsakes that she creates from drawings that kids draw.
Many of her creations, such as the beaded Morse Code jewelry, flying squirrels and stuffed bears, have been used as fundraisers for charities or friends in need.
Her love of creating things came from her father who was always building things in his garage shop; kitchen cabinets, toy wooden trains, grocery store list holders, pooper scoopers from old golf clubs.
Most days (and some nights) you can find Gail in her office/studio in Black Forest working on a t-shirt quilt or stuffi, editing photos, stringing up some beads, or managing the books for a local animal welfare non-profit foundation.

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