Ryan Sullivan

Ryan brings a fun approach to designing and creating distinctive furniture, art, and home décor.  He uses high-quality hardwoods and reclaimed materials from local sources.  He insists on using a variety of materials and tool and techniques, keeping things exciting and interesting, and always pushing himself to create truly unique pieces.


Ryan moved from Kansas City with his wife and son in 2015 to Colorado Springs.  They are medical refugees.  After their son was diagnosed with intractable epilepsy at just 14 months old, and having tried numerous pharmaceuticals and other therapies for the next several months, unsuccessfully, they moved to Colorado to gain safe and legal access to cannabis oil.  It was the best decision they ever made.  Their son is now 5 years old, in kindergarten, and thriving.  They are forever grateful.


When they moved to Colorado, they rented a modest home and kept their house in Kansas City as well, not knowing how the treatment would work.  One of the problems is that they needed extra furniture.  This is when Ryan’s passion came to surface.  He fell in love with everything about the process.  He recalls building a small triangular side table to fit a particular space, and remaking it 4 times because he thought of a way to improve each version – whether it was the materials used, a jointing method, or simply the finish.  Ryan was starting to become a crafter.

The forming of his company, BasCo Woodcrafting and Design LLC, in 2018 was the result of, and recognition that, what was once a casual hobby had become a full-blown addiction, a release, a therapy, and an art-form.  While Ryan’s career started almost flippantly, he found himself enveloped.  He invested in his craft, spending more time working at it, acquiring better tools, learning new and more effective techniques, and sourcing better materials.  And although he is completely self-taught, he has learned and absorbed so much from his fellow craftsmen and craftswomen, and loves the woodworking community.

Ryan has an MBA from the University of Kansas, and has built a successful career in consulting and market research.  He is currently a Senior Account Manager with global firm based in New Jersey.  But what he loves is his craft.  He envisions himself in the future designing and making furniture, art, and décor full-time, and loving every day.

If you want to contact Ryan between shows he can be found at

BasCo Woodcrafting and Design, LLC

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