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Amanda Henegar

Culinary, Mixed Media, Seasonal Decor, Quilting

Amanda Henegar of Hen&Holly grew up coming to the Black Forest Arts and Crafts Shows with her mom who is also a member. Amanda has been baking and creating for as long as she can remember.

She would test all of her baked creations on her grandfather and uncle who owned a ranch in Black Forest just down the road from where Amanda grew up. Amanda now lives in her grandfather’s 1870s farmhouse and enjoys raising many animals, especially her free-range chickens. She uses their eggs in all of her baked goods and always tries to use as many other local, fresh ingredients as possible.

In addition to specialty decorated sugar cookies, giant cinnamon roll cakes, pies, drop cookies, brownies, jam, and breads, Amanda is also a quilter and home décor maker.

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