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Edith Fisher

Crochet, Sewing

Wooly Works knit shop

Keeping an "Old World" Trade Alive and Providing Inspiration for the New World.

At the age of five, Edie picked up knitting and crocheting by watching her mother and both of her grandmothers make beautiful pullovers and cardigans. Through the decades, she witnessed a dwindling appreciation for her trade as a knitter, and she made a commitment to keep the knitting trade alive for future generations. The idea of owning a knit shop was born in 1987 when she received her first knitting machine as a gift from her husband. Although Edie was still an airman serving in the US Air Force, her dream did not die. After she retired in 1998, she turned her dream into reality. A second knitting machine made the knit shop official – The Woolly Works Knit Shop was born. But it did not end here. After seeing an advertisement in a local paper, she became intrigued by Alpacas and their luxurious fiber. The Woolly Works Farm now has four Alpacas nibbling in the pasture. Edie learned to process their hair and taught others to do so. A few years later Edie realized that she was not just a knitter; she was also a collector (stasher) of many fine yarns. In ten lifetimes she will never use it all up. So, in 2001 the only thing for her to do was to open a retail store. She have moved to other locations since then with the current location being the best of all, carrying a vast variety of yarns and supplies - truly heaven for all needle artists. Edie has been teaching knitting and crocheting since 1999. In 2010 she added custom dyed yarns by Edie to her repertoire. With the hand of the Lord guiding her, the Woolly Works Knit Shop will be a staple for many years to come.

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