John Hartley


John Hartley, along with his wife, is the founder and owner of Black Forest Honey. John started beekeeping in 1977 on the Hawaiian island of Oahu while serving in the U.S. Navy. Many articles have been published about his beekeeping starting with All Hands (1982) and Stars and Stripes (1982), both military magazines with worldwide distribution. He was vice president of the Hawaii State Beekeepers and he's twice been president of the Pikes Peak Beekeepers. From 1995 to 2016 he's been secretary of the Colorado State Beekeepers.

He's a life member of the Eastern Apicultural Society headquartered in the Eastern United States. He's since been featured in the Gazette and on different local T.V. stations in the Pikes Peak Region.

John has beehives on his property and on ranches out in El Paso Country, has won honey awards with the Colorado State Beekeepers, at the Colorado State Fair and El Paso County Fairs in years past. These days he teaches beekeeping once a year in March with the Pikes Peak Beekeeper's Association and remains active in the Colorado State Beekeepers.

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