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Judy McCart

Children's Toys, Sewing

Judy has been sewing since she was 9 or 10 years old. She learned to sew on a treadle machine. The first thing she made was a doll made out of white socks for her baby Brother. He still has it! Oh, it is name is Ghosty…

After graduating to a Kenmore (solid metal and very heavy) machine, Judy made the majority of her own clothes. Being tall and slender, this was almost a necessity. As she progressed in life, a wedding dress became in order, then maternity clothes. Tall shops don’t carry maternity clothes and Maternity shops don’t carry tall clothes. Thank goodness she could sew.

Three children later necessitated many costumes. Judy proudly says her children never wore a store bought costume. Doll clothes (she made clothes for Barbie long before McCall’s or Simplicity had patterns for Barbie), and some clothing for her children. But sewing was put on the back burner for several years.

Judy was a Registered Nurse for 40+ years and loved every minutes of it. Since she retired from Nursing in 2009, Judy resumed sewing and embroidery on her first embroidery machine. Then she bought her dream, a Bernina 830 Series 8, embroidery machine and has been having fun ever since.

Judy moved to Colorado Springs in July, 2014, to help her Daughter and Husband with their two young daughters after both parents got off Active Duty with the U.S. Army. It was while living with them in the Black Forest, she learned about the Black Forest Arts and Crafts Guild and became a member soon after.

Judy specializes in doll clothing for the 18” American Girl type doll, Baby dolls, Barbie, ( yes Barbie, but she uses a pattern now), furniture for the 18” AG type doll, rescues these type dolls and eventually plans to sell them after being refurbished, and dressing them up, as good clean starter dolls for younger girls.

Free standing lace Christmas ornaments, sleighs and reindeer, and free standing Gingerbread Houses are just a few of the uses Judy finds for her embroidery skills. Fun sport towels, tea-towels and Guest towels are new items in her repertoire.

Custom embroidery is available. or 970-623-9279

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