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Linda Smith

Seasonal Decor, Floral, Christmas

Linda has been a member for over 30 years. Linda likes to make small floral arrangements and work with live plants.

She loves to crochet and finds that the little items she makes sell really well since they are not high priced. Her famous “sombreros” sell extremely well. They are little sombrero-shaped hats that fit on the knob of a casserole cover to prevent burned fingers. She can sell up to 100 of them a show.

Linda also likes to make magnets and utilizes her favorite subjects – birds. She makes ornaments in all different colors of birds and does very well with these. She has designed some new ornaments with birds on lace that are attached to a clothespin as the way of clipping it to the tree branch. These have also become very popular.

Linda has utilized the abundant supply of pine cones in her yard to create ornaments, candle holders, and sprays the pine cones silver to go with a whimsical poem about elves.


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