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Mary Addington

Paintings, Sewing

Mary Addington has been painting since she was a little girl growing up in Colorado Springs, Colorado. While employed in tele-communication, civil engineering, and owning a business, her art took a backseat to raising her three children and making her husband happy. Mary is now retired and devotes her full time to her art and her family, which has grown to include 4 grandchildren and a great grandchild. She also has more time to go to her favorite places, the Caribbean Islands and anywhere in the mountains. Her creative process includes photographing and memorizing her favorite places. She paints what she loves: oceanscapes with sailing ships, whales, fish, and mermaids, mountain scenes with aspen, elk, wildlife and flowers. Her favorite subjects also include dogs, cats, trees, and portraits. She laser prints most all of her paintings in several sizes and mattes them so that they are more affordable to the public.

In addition to painting in acrylic and watercolors, she works in many mediums including sewing fabrics, textile art, quilted stretched canvas, aprons, hand and tote bags, and "cosplay attire". She also makes handmade jellies, most low sugar, from local handpicked and wild fruit. She has been an active member of the BFACG for several years.

"I prefer painting in watercolor and acrylic from nature and people. Sometimes they become much more than reality, maybe..." or 719 237-4342

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