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Pam Devereux

Quilting, Sewing, Culinary

Pam has been a member of the Guild for 35 years and she is a life member. Her sons were raised in Black Forest. She has served on the board in several positions including Vice President and President. Pam started out just making crafts, baking was a small addition that has grown into the majority of what she makes - cinnamon and pecan rolls, honey whole wheat bread, parmesan bread, buttermilk rolls. Her cakes are baked in unique pans such as her German Pound cake looks like a cathedral church, the her Key Lime cake comes in a loaf with lime slice shapes on top. Her jams are strawberry, raspberry, tri-berry, peach, cherry, raspberry peach, blackberry/raspberry. One of our lifetime members, Helen Walker who lived to be 100 years old, gave her apple butter recipe to Pam and she makes it in her honor. Granny’s Apple butter sells out at every show.

Pam’s crafts include lap quilts, tote bags, pillows, fabric canvas, where she glues fabric over canvas. For dining room tables, she makes runners, placemats and napkins. At our fall show, tree skirts are one of her items. She is always trying new things so come out to our show and see what you can find.


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