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Sally Burr

Sewing, Quilting, Children's Toys, Terrariums & Plant life, Paintings

Sally has been an artist and an author most of her life and finally put her two passions together and started writing and illustrating children's books. Along with her friend Gail Ross, they have completed a book for the Colorado State Forest Service on Wildfire and authored and illustrated the very popular "Black Forest Friends" book series. All of their books are created with original water color art and depict realistic representations of animals, plants, insects, nature, and outdoor life. Sally and Gail have had the privilege of presenting numerous school visits around the state, as well as library readings, book store events, educational seminars, and expos.

The original art from the books has been made into framed fine art pieces, canvas art, note cards, book marks, note books, coloring books, and posters. They have their own publishing company, Pike Publishing, and are always working on new projects together.

Who doesn't like fudge! When she was younger Sally and her father would make candy and fudge together on the weekends, trying different flavor combinations, textures, and ingredients. There were some interesting results with, as you might expect, many turning out to be inedible! However, over the years recipes were perfected and favorites were found and now she creates irresistible, mouth-watering delights. Each of her packages are decorated with flowers, Christmas holly, or beads because she feels that fudge should be a celebration! She also bakes cookies - especially her famous peanut butter cookies - breads, pies, cobblers, and cakes.

It is fun to collect little miniature pieces of furniture, tiny glass animals, and delicate garden items at flea markets and estate sales and Sally puts those into her fairy gardens and fantasy terrariums. All of the gardens live in decorative glass containers and are lovingly created with live plants, mosses, pebbles, and little pieces of nature. And don't be surprised to see a forest nymph or a fairy door hiding behind a stump in these little magical worlds.

Sally has been a member of the Guild since 1996 and under her 'Black Forest Bears' label she also makes quilts, original design teddy bears, nature photography framed and on canvas, scarves, crochet blankets, decorative pillows, embroidery items, and a variety of other crafts and treasures.

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